Scientific BITES es una iniciativa de educación independiente impulsada por el grupo de investigación académica SOLTI. Responde a las necesidades médicas surgidas de la comunidad científica y cuenta con el apoyo no-intervencionista del sector farmacéutico.


Working together to transform treatment and outcomes for patients with HER2-targetable tumors.


Roche strives to address unmet medical needs through excellence in Science. Spreading breakthroughs in science and technology allows HCP to find out precisely what is malfunctioning in the body and contributes to generate new questions to be answered. We are committed to support Medical Education as it is the driving force of excellence in Science. We are Roche.

Seagen is committed to supporting innovative, high quality medical education for healthcare professionals that addresses unmet medical needs, fosters clinical excellence and improves health outcomes.

At Gilead, we’re committed to creating a healthier world for everyone – no matter the challenges ahead of us. For more than 30 years, we’ve pursued the impossible, chased it down, tackled it for answers and surrounded it for a way in. We have worked tirelessly to bring forward medicines for life-threatening diseases.

Through bold and transformative science, we’re driving innovation that has the potential to become the next generation of life-changing medicines. Our ambition is evident in our mission. Because the impossible is not impossible. It’s what’s next.