SCIENTIFIC BITES is a platform to provide, in an easy-to-access way, the latest advances and updates in clinical and translational research in the field of oncology.

How to use it

This platform is structured in “BITES” of Science that will be periodically  published and each of them focused on a cutting-edge topic in oncology.

Each BITE is a specific thematic block that responds to a medical need arising from clinical experience and / or a hypothesis formulated by the scientific community.

In each Module, users will be provided with a couple of brief (10-15 min) video capsules presented by an experts including a presentation and a peer-to-peer discussion.

The platform also provides supporting documentary material in PDF format


The platform registers all completed activities so users can resume their learning whenever they login. Users can access these activities several times until the module is completed.

Each module is intended to last for 2 hours. Users can complete the entire modules from a single BITE within six months.


This is an open-access platform for oncology professionals.


SCIENTIFIC BITES promotes self-learning since at the end of each training module there is the possibility to take a self-assessment to ensure understanding and acquisition of knowledge. All users who meet this requirement will obtain an automatically downloadable certificate of participation.


Scientific BITES is a bilingual platform in Spanish and English. The multimedia contents are available in English and the peer-to-peer discussions have subtitles. The English version of the Platform has been made possible thanks to the contribution of the Alliance between Daiichi-Sankyo and AstraZeneca in Portugal.

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